The key to your child’s academic success! Changing frowns to smiles & providing nothing less than the best!

Personalized 1:1 and small group tutoring with an academic specialist utilizing a customized program to reach the student’s goals and benchmarks.
Programs for districts and organizations of all sizes designed to serve as supplemental education across all subjects.


BrainBuzzed Tutoring offers a variety of services listed below:

Academic Tutoring (Virtual or in person small group)

BrainBuzzed Tutoring offers tailored one on one, small group, or large group 1 hour sessions for students.


BrainBuzzed can support your district or organization with academic support and enrichment services.


Let BrainBuzzed create a customized program to meet your needs.

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Mission Statement

To maximize the full potential of each student through positive relationships, quality teaching, engaging instruction and creative lessons tailored for each student’s individual needs.

Our Vision

To create a learning experience that fosters children’s love for learning.



BrainBuzzed Tutoring has been in existence for 5-years. BB Tutoring started with one teacher providing academic services to students in the library. As a result of the student’s success, the demand for services grew tremendously.

Fall of 2019 BrainBuzzed Tutoring relaunched with a dynamic leadership team, new branding, and hired a team of tutors that range from paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, master teachers, instructional coaches, and even content specialists.


Buzz On BrainBuzzed


"My oldest daughter is dyslexic and her tutor worked very hard with her to make sure she understood the material for not only her class but the state tests as well. After a session with she always had more confidence in herself and her ability to do the work. The strategies that her tutor used work perfectly with my dyslexic daughter as well as with my daughter who suffered from test anxiety. I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone which I have many times over."

–  Sheena

"This year has been challenging for many students. Both of my children are attending school virtually, which as we know has its own challenges. My 2nd grader has always struggled with reading - to the point where it would bring her to tears. She was tested at the beginning of the school year and tested lower than her grade level. Before the semester ended I enrolled her in BrainBuzzed Tutoring. 5 weeks later my daughter was retested and I was just informed she has moved up 2 reading levels! Reading is an essential element for all we do! Her confidence in reading is soaring! She is so proud and makes me so happy. She loves her tutor and is excited about her sessions every week. Her tutor makes her sessions fun and keeps her engaged the entire time!"

– Vivienne

"After getting tutored, I was able to pull my math grade up to an 81 and pass my college Algebra final."

– Barbara

"S/O to BrainBuzzed for providing tutoring and homework help to my daughter during the week. Although I work from home I don't get off until 7pm. Sometimes I can help her before I'm off but that depends on my scheduled meetings and workload. With her bedtime being 8:30, it sometimes doesn't leave much time after work to help with home and get QT in. The tutor double checks her home and helps her figure out how to correct and understand anything that she had wrong. They also help her with reading, which is huge as my daughter was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. The tutor they provided is actually professionally trained in teaching kids with dyslexia to read better. I'd definitely recommend their services as I give them 5 stars!"

– Terrance

"My 6th grader took on the challenge of AP math for her first year of middle school. She was struggling at the beginning of the semester as well. For the first time in all her school years, she earned a failing grade. After 5 weeks of BrainBuzz Tutoring she now has a ‘B’ average and not far from approaching her usual ‘A’. She says her tutor makes her sessions fun and also keeps her engaged with hands on practice. He takes the initiative to ask what lessons are being taught in class, and prepares examples for practice during tutoring session. I am so thankful to BrainBuzzed and their tutors!"

– Vivienne

"My daughter is in the 8th grade and has been struggling with math. When she doesn't understand, she completely shuts down. We signed her up with Brainbuzzed Tutoring Services and she loves it! Her tutor is awesome! Since working with her, my daughter has become excited about learning. There was a time when I would have to set my alarm to make sure she would be up on time to get her work done and now she’s setting her own alarm to make sure she doesn’t miss her sessions."

– Rinesha

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